The effort to strive for truth has to precede all other efforts.”
Albert Einstein

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On 23 March 2018

On 23 March 2018, we sent a letter per post to: Mr. Heiland, Tillmann, Christie, Russell, Dunham, Honeycutt, O’ Sullivan, Cohen, Kuijl, Oldekamp, Jan van der Pols, Frohlich, Kool und Mrs. Patterson. None of them has replied until today. This means that either the czech, english, US or dutch post office services have failed, or that the gentlemen are showing us the arrogance of power once again. Not even Mr. Bullet and Mr. Brown from the new team had the decency to answer our question we posed via LinkedIn. In addition, Ruth Patterson cannot be bothered to send us an explanation why John Honeycutt is still stated as a BoD member on Piksel’s website, even if he personally wrote us that he is no longer active as BoD member as of 31 January 2018. How many similar FAKE NEWS does Piksel present us on its website? According to the LinkedIn profile of the playboy Kevin Joyce, he is still the Chief Strategy Officer of Piksel. Zero reaction from him as well, as if he was lord Voldemort himself. The guys from the Dutch Ratio, or Circle Partners to be more precise, are silent, silent and silent once more. There are only two possible explanations: (i) either they are ignoring us completely as if we were some kind of annoying insect, or (ii) they fear something. Let us see what will happen in the next days. We experienced the same pattern in relation to our questions to people who were connected with the transfer of SEZMI CORP and its patent rights to Panama. The only person who had the courage to comment on this topic was Lou Schwartz. Thank you Lou!! God save our investments if Piksel does its business and communicates with its clients in this way, too. Let us remind ourselves how Peter Heiland saw the great future of Piksel back in 5 August 2013 (link here). That was a pleasure to read. Well, there is always a sweet talk when you are luring investors in.

It is amazing.

It is amazing. Our thanks goes to all supporters of Piksel Shareholders Association. It is clear that we minor shareholders are not indifferent about the way the company management and the major shareholders are handling our investments. As a result of our PR activities, we have been approached by several Czech and foreign journalists. Together with them, we are currently preparing articles and interviews that will be published subsequently. The statement of the CEO of Piksel Mr. Tillmann that the company is not obliged to make its financial results public or to file reports with the SEC (this obligation ended in January 2014) is correct. However, Piksel is still incorporated in the state of Delaware and is subject to its laws. With our partner law firm based in the US, we are currently preparing a concept how to use our rights to the full possible extent. Trust us, there is a way, one only has to know HOW. Thank you so much for your support again. We keep working!

Prior to launching…

Prior to launching the web pages, we send an email to all Plan Support Group (PSG) members (Heiland and Torok – JEC Capital, Frohlich and Dunham – Prescott, Kuijl and Oldekamp – Ratio Foundation and Kool – Gralko). We informed the gentlemen about some basic facts of Piksel Shareholders Association, the reasons for its foundation and our goals. We provided them with a link to the final version of the complete web pages in CZ and EN and gave them the opportunity to send us their opinion on the content and form before we launch the web pages. NOBODY FROM THE FOREMENTIONED PERSONS HAVE RESPONDED. The year 2018 – five years after the bankruptcy of KIT digital and establishment of Piksel – must be a year for an uncompromising, fair and truthful review of the company. Our private investments are at stake, and we are entitled to know the real condition of the company that we minor shareholders co-own. Every person who wants to join our activities is welcome. Currently, a fourth letter to shareholders is available at (link here). We have taken this letter into account and made some corrections just days before officially launching our website, we so that all our information is up to date and reflect the current situation.

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