“Úsilí o pravdu musí být nadřazeno jakémukoliv jinému úsilí.”
Albert Einstein

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For members

Preconditions to become a member

Any shareholder of Piksel Inc. who applies for membership and proves ownership of Piksel Inc. shares may become a member of Piksel Shareholders Association z.s. (PSA). The association may also accept other persons or entities as members that are willing to promote the programme of PSA.

Membership in PSA is free of charge. The amount of possible voluntary contributions is completely up to the discretion of each individual. The approval of applications will be decided by the Board of Association at the nearest meeting. After sending the membership application to PSA, every applicant must send an official statement proving share ownership within 30 days. Please ask your share custodian/investment company to issue this statement. After your application has been approved, we will send you your log-in details for the “For Members” section and a confirmation of your acceptance as a PSA member. Membership application:


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